Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Jan 29, 2022

out of 4878391 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
C25.1 Body of pancreas 0
C18.8 Overlapping lesion of colon 0
C18.5 Splenic flexure 0
C18.4 Transverse colon 0
C17.8 Overlapping lesion of small intestine 0
C16.8 Overlapping lesion of stomach 0
C16.6 Greater curvature of stomach, unspecified 0
C16.4 Pylorus 0
C16.3 Pyloric antrum 0
C16.2 Body of stomach 0
C16.1 Fundus of stomach 0
C15.8 Overlapping lesion of oesophagus 0
C15.5 Lower third of oesophagus 0
C15.3 Upper third of oesophagus 0
C15.2 Abdominal part of oesophagus 0
C15.1 Thoracic part of oesophagus 0
C15 Malignant neoplasm of oesophagus 0
C14.8 Overlapping lesion of lip, oral cavity and pharynx 0
C14.2 Waldeyer's ring 0
C13.9 Hypopharynx, unspecified 0
C13.8 Overlapping lesion of hypopharynx 0
C13.0 Postcricoid region 0
C13 Malignant neoplasm of hypopharynx 0
C12 Malignant neoplasm of piriform sinus 0
C10.3 Posterior wall of oropharynx 0
C10.2 Lateral wall of oropharynx 0
C10.1 Anterior surface of epiglottis 0
C10.0 Vallecula 0
C08.8 Overlapping lesion of major salivary glands 0
C06.8 Overlapping lesion of other and unspecified parts of mouth 0
C06.1 Vestibule of mouth 0
C05.8 Overlapping lesion of palate 0
C05.2 Uvula 0
C05.1 Soft palate 0
C05 Malignant neoplasm of palate 0
C04.8 Overlapping lesion of floor of mouth 0
C04.1 Lateral floor of mouth 0
C04.0 Anterior floor of mouth 0
C03 Malignant neoplasm of gum 0
C02.3 Anterior two-thirds of tongue, part unspecified 0
C00.8 Overlapping lesion of lip 0
C00.6 Commissure of lip 0
C00.2 External lip, unspecified 0
B97.5 Reovirus as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 0
B97.3 Retrovirus as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 0
B96.7 Clostridium perfringens [C. perfringens] as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 0
B92 Sequelae of leprosy 0
B90.2 Sequelae of tuberculosis of bones and joints 0
B88.3 External hirudiniasis 0
B88.1 Tungiasis [sandflea infestation] 0