Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Mar 23, 2023

out of 5135729 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
C60.8 Overlapping lesion of penis 0
C60.2 Body of penis 0
C60.1 Glans penis 0
C60.0 Prepuce 0
C57.7 Other specified female genital organs 0
C57.2 Round ligament 0
C57.1 Broad ligament 0
C54.8 Overlapping lesion of corpus uteri 0
C54.3 Fundus uteri 0
C54.2 Myometrium 0
C53.0 Endocervix 0
C51.8 Overlapping lesion of vulva 0
C50.8 Overlapping lesion of breast 0
C50.6 Axillary tail of breast 0
C50.5 Lower-outer quadrant of breast 0
C50.4 Upper-outer quadrant of breast 0
C50.3 Lower-inner quadrant of breast 0
C50.2 Upper-inner quadrant of breast 0
C50.1 Central portion of breast 0
C50.0 Nipple and areola 0
C46.3 Kaposi's sarcoma of lymph nodes 0
C45.7 Mesothelioma of other sites 0
C45.2 Mesothelioma of pericardium 0
C45.0 Mesothelioma of pleura 0
C44.6 Skin of upper limb, including shoulder 0
C43.8 Overlapping malignant melanoma of skin 0
C43.7 Malignant melanoma of lower limb, including hip 0
C43.4 Malignant melanoma of scalp and neck 0
C43.3 Malignant melanoma of other and unspecified parts of face 0
C39.8 Overlapping lesion of respiratory and intrathoracic organs 0
C32.8 Overlapping lesion of larynx 0
C32.2 Subglottis 0
C31.8 Overlapping lesion of accessory sinuses 0
C31.3 Sphenoidal sinus 0
C30.1 Middle ear 0
C25.8 Overlapping lesion of pancreas 0
C25.7 Other parts of pancreas 0
C25.1 Body of pancreas 0
C18.5 Splenic flexure 0
C18.4 Transverse colon 0
C17.8 Overlapping lesion of small intestine 0
C16.8 Overlapping lesion of stomach 0
C16.6 Greater curvature of stomach, unspecified 0
C16.4 Pylorus 0
C16.3 Pyloric antrum 0
C16.2 Body of stomach 0
C16.1 Fundus of stomach 0
C15.8 Overlapping lesion of oesophagus 0
C15.5 Lower third of oesophagus 0
C15.3 Upper third of oesophagus 0