Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Mar 23, 2023

out of 5135729 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
D13.2 Duodenum 0
D12.4 Descending colon 0
D12.2 Ascending colon 0
D12.0 Caecum 0
D07.2 Vagina 0
D06.1 Exocervix 0
D05.7 Other carcinoma in situ of breast 0
D05.0 Lobular carcinoma in situ 0
D05 Carcinoma in situ of breast 0
D04.8 Skin of other sites 0
D04.6 Skin of upper limb, including shoulder 0
D04.5 Skin of trunk 0
D04.3 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face 0
D04.2 Skin of ear and external auricular canal 0
D04.0 Skin of lip 0
D04 Carcinoma in situ of skin 0
D03.8 Melanoma in situ of other sites 0
D03.7 Melanoma in situ of lower limb, including hip 0
D03.6 Melanoma in situ of upper limb, including shoulder 0
D03.5 Melanoma in situ of trunk 0
D03.4 Melanoma in situ of scalp and neck 0
D03.2 Melanoma in situ of ear and external auricular canal 0
D03.1 Melanoma in situ of eyelid, including canthus 0
D03 Melanoma in situ 0
D02.4 Respiratory system, unspecified 0
D02.1 Trachea 0
D01.1 Rectosigmoid junction 0
D00.2 Stomach 0
D00.1 Oesophagus 0
C96.3 True histiocytic lymphoma 0
C94.3 Mast cell leukaemia 0
C94.1 Chronic erythraemia 0
C93.7 Other monocytic leukaemia 0
C88.7 Other malignant immunoproliferative diseases 0
C88.2 Gamma heavy chain disease 0
C88.1 Alpha heavy chain disease 0
C84.1 Sézary's disease 0
C84..6 Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK-positive 0
C79.2 Secondary malignant neoplasm of skin 0
C78.5 Secondary malignant neoplasm of large intestine and rectum 0
C78.3 Secondary malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified respiratory organs 0
C77.8 Lymph nodes of multiple regions 0
C77.5 Intrapelvic lymph nodes 0
C75.8 Pluriglandular involvement, unspecified 0
C68.8 Overlapping lesion of urinary organs 0
C68.1 Paraurethral gland 0
C67.5 Bladder neck 0
C67.3 Anterior wall of bladder 0
C63.8 Overlapping lesion of male genital organs 0
C63.1 Spermatic cord 0