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ICD Diagnosis
Z00 General examination and investigation of persons without complaint and reported diagnosis
Z00.1 Routine child health examination
Z01.8 Other specified special examinations
Z03.0 Observation for suspected tuberculosis
Z03.6 Observation for suspected toxic effect from ingested substance
Z03.8 Observation for other suspected diseases and conditions
Z03.9 Observation for suspected disease or condition, unspecified
Z04.5 Examination and observation following other inflicted injury
Z13.8 Special screening examination for other specified diseases and disorders
Z20.1 Contact with and exposure to tuberculosis
Z35.6 Supervision of very young primigravida
Z38.0 Singleton, born in hospital
Z38.1 Singleton, born outside hospital
Z38.2 Singleton, unspecified as to place of birth
Z38.3 Twin, born in hospital
Z41.2 Routine and ritual circumcision
Z41.8 Other procedures for purposes other than remedying health state
Z42.9 Follow-up care involving plastic surgery, unspecified
Z43.0 Attention to tracheostomy
Z45 Adjustment and management of implanted device
Z46.5 Fitting and adjustment of ileostomy and other intestinal appliances
Z46.6 Fitting and adjustment of urinary device
Z47.0 Follow-up care involving removal of fracture plate and other internal fixation device
Z48.8 Other specified surgical follow-up care
Z49.2 Peritoneal dialysis
Z51.1 Chemotherapy session for neoplasm
Z51.3 Blood transfusion without reported diagnosis
Z52.4 Kidney donor
Z61.5 Problems related to alleged sexual abuse of child by person outside primary support group
Z61.9 Negative life event in childhood, unspecified
Z76.2 Health supervision and care of other healthy infant and child
Z86.4 Personal history of psychoactive substance abuse
Z90.4 Acquired absence of other parts of digestive tract
Z90.7 Acquired absence of genital organ(s)
Z91.0 Personal history of allergy, other than to drugs and biological substances
Z93.0 Tracheostomy status
Z93.1 Gastrostomy status
Z93.3 Colostomy status
Z95.8 Presence of other cardiac and vascular implants and grafts
Z96.2 Presence of otological and audiological implants
Z96.7 Presence of other bone and tendon implants
Z98 Other postsurgical states
Z98.8 Other specified postsurgical states

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