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ICD Diagnosis
M00 Pyogenic arthritis
M00.0 Staphylococcal arthritis and polyarthritis
M00.1 Pneumococcal arthritis and polyarthritis
M00.2 Other streptococcal arthritis and polyarthritis
M00.8 Arthritis and polyarthritis due to other specified bacterial agents
M00.9 Pyogenic arthritis, unspecified
M01 Direct infections of joint in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
M01.0 Meningococcal arthritis (A39.8+)
M01.1 Tuberculous arthritis (A18.0+)
M01.2 Arthritis in Lyme disease (A69.2+)
M01.3 Arthritis in other bacterial diseases classified elsewhere
M01.4 Rubella arthritis (B06.8+)
M01.5 Arthritis in other viral diseases classified elsewhere
M01.6 Arthritis in mycoses (B35-B49+)
M01.8 Arthritis in other infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
M02 Reactive arthropathies
M02.0 Arthropathy following intestinal bypass
M02.1 Postdysenteric arthropathy
M02.2 Postimmunization arthropathy
M02.3 Reiter's disease
M02.8 Other reactive arthropathies
M02.9 Reactive arthropathy, unspecified
M03 Postinfective and reactive arthropathies in diseases classified elsewhere
M03.0 Postmeningococcal arthritis (A39.8+)
M03.1 Postinfective arthropathy in syphilis
M03.2 Other postinfectious arthropathies in diseases classified elsewhere
M03.6 Reactive arthropathy in other diseases classified elsewhere
M05 Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis
M05.0 Felty's syndrome
M05.1 Rheumatoid lung disease (J99.0*)
M05.2 Rheumatoid vasculitis
M05.3 Rheumatoid arthritis with involvement of other organs and systems
M05.8 Other seropositive rheumatoid arthritis
M05.9 Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, unspecified
M06 Other rheumatoid arthritis
M06.0 Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis
M06.1 Adult-onset Still's disease
M06.2 Rheumatoid bursitis
M06.3 Rheumatoid nodule
M06.4 Inflammatory polyarthropathy
M06.8 Other specified rheumatoid arthritis
M06.9 Rheumatoid arthritis, unspecified
M07 Psoriatic and enteropathic arthropathies
M07.0 Distal interphalangeal psoriatic arthropathy (L40.5+)
M07.1 Arthritis mutilans (L40.5+)
M07.2 Psoriatic spondylitis (L40.5+)
M07.3 Other psoriatic arthropathies (L40.5+)
M07.4 Arthropathy in Crohn's disease [regional enteritis] (K50.-+)
M07.5 Arthropathy in ulcerative colitis (K51.-+)
M07.6 Other enteropathic arthropathies
M08 Juvenile arthritis
M08.0 Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
M08.1 Juvenile ankylosing spondylitis
M08.2 Juvenile arthritis with systemic onset
M08.3 Juvenile polyarthritis (seronegative)
M08.4 Pauciarticular juvenile arthritis
M08.8 Other juvenile arthritis
M08.9 Juvenile arthritis, unspecified
M09 Juvenile arthritis in diseases classified elsewhere
M09.0 Juvenile arthritis in psoriasis (L40.5+)
M09.1 Juvenile arthritis in Crohn's disease [regional enteritis] (K50.-+)
M09.2 Juvenile arthritis in ulcerative colitis (K51.-+)
M09.8 Juvenile arthritis in other diseases classified elsewhere
M10 Gout
M10.0 Idiopathic gout
M10.1 Lead-induced gout
M10.2 Drug-induced gout
M10.3 Gout due to impairment of renal function
M10.4 Other secondary gout
M10.9 Gout, unspecified
M11 Other crystal arthropathies
M11.0 Hydroxyapatite deposition disease
M11.1 Familial chondrocalcinosis
M11.2 Other chondrocalcinosis
M11.8 Other specified crystal arthropathies
M11.9 Crystal arthropathy, unspecified
M12 Other specific arthropathies
M12.0 Chronic postrheumatic arthropathy [Jaccoud]
M12.1 Kaschin-Beck disease
M12.2 Villonodular synovitis (pigmented)
M12.3 Palindromic rheumatism
M12.4 Intermittent hydrarthrosis
M12.5 Traumatic arthropathy
M12.8 Other specific arthropathies, not elsewhere classified
M13 Other arthritis
M13.0 Polyarthritis, unspecified
M13.1 Monoarthritis, not elsewhere classified
M13.8 Other specified arthritis
M13.9 Arthritis, unspecified
M14 Arthropathies in other diseases classified elsewhere
M14.0 Gouty arthropathy due to enzyme defects and other inherited disorders
M14.1 Crystal arthropathy in other metabolic disorders
M14.2 Diabetic arthropathy (E10-E14+ with common fourth character .6)
M14.3 Lipoid dermatoarthritis (E78.8+)
M14.4 Arthropathy in amyloidosis (E85.-+)
M14.5 Arthropathies in other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders
M14.6 Neuropathic arthropathy
M14.8 Arthropathies in other specified diseases classified elsewhere
M15 Polyarthrosis
M15.0 Primary generalized (osteo)arthrosis
M15.1 Heberden's nodes (with arthropathy)
M15.2 Bouchard's nodes (with arthropathy)
M15.3 Secondary multiple arthrosis
M15.4 Erosive (osteo)arthrosis
M15.8 Other polyarthrosis
M15.9 Polyarthrosis, unspecified
M16 Coxarthrosis [arthrosis of hip]
M16.0 Primary coxarthrosis, bilateral
M16.1 Other primary coxarthrosis
M16.2 Coxarthrosis resulting from dysplasia, bilateral
M16.3 Other dysplastic coxarthrosis
M16.4 Post-traumatic coxarthrosis, bilateral
M16.5 Other post-traumatic coxarthrosis
M16.6 Other secondary coxarthrosis, bilateral
M16.7 Other secondary coxarthrosis
M16.9 Coxarthrosis, unspecified
M17 Gonarthrosis [arthrosis of knee]
M17.0 Primary gonarthrosis, bilateral
M17.1 Other primary gonarthrosis
M17.2 Post-traumatic gonarthrosis, bilateral
M17.3 Other post-traumatic gonarthrosis
M17.4 Other secondary gonarthrosis, bilateral
M17.5 Other secondary gonarthrosis
M17.9 Gonarthrosis, unspecified
M18 Arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint
M18.0 Primary arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joints, bilateral
M18.1 Other primary arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint
M18.2 Post-traumatic arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joints, bilateral
M18.3 Other post-traumatic arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint
M18.4 Other secondary arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joints, bilateral
M18.5 Other secondary arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint
M18.9 Arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint, unspecified
M19 Other arthrosis
M19.0 Primary arthrosis of other joints
M19.1 Post-traumatic arthrosis of other joints
M19.2 Other secondary arthrosis
M19.8 Other specified arthrosis
M19.9 Arthrosis, unspecified
M20 Acquired deformities of fingers and toes
M20.0 Deformity of finger(s)
M20.1 Hallux valgus (acquired)
M20.2 Hallux rigidus
M20.3 Other deformity of hallux (acquired)
M20.4 Other hammer toe(s) (acquired)
M20.5 Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired)
M20.6 Acquired deformity of toe(s), unspecified
M21 Other acquired deformities of limbs
M21.0 Valgus deformity, not elsewhere classified
M21.1 Varus deformity, not elsewhere classified
M21.2 Flexion deformity
M21.3 Wrist or foot drop (acquired)
M21.4 Flat foot [pes planus] (acquired)
M21.5 Acquired clawhand, clubhand, clawfoot and clubfoot
M21.6 Other acquired deformities of ankle and foot
M21.7 Unequal limb length (acquired)
M21.8 Other specified acquired deformities of limbs
M21.9 Acquired deformity of limb, unspecified
M22 Disorders of patella
M22.0 Recurrent dislocation of patella
M22.1 Recurrent subluxation of patella
M22.2 Patellofemoral disorders
M22.3 Other derangements of patella
M22.4 Chondromalacia patellae
M22.8 Other disorders of patella
M22.9 Disorder of patella, unspecified
M23 Internal derangement of knee
M23.0 Cystic meniscus
M23.1 Discoid meniscus (congenital)
M23.2 Derangement of meniscus due to old tear or injury
M23.3 Other meniscus derangements
M23.4 Loose body in knee
M23.5 Chronic instability of knee
M23.6 Other spontaneous disruption of ligament(s) of knee
M23.8 Other internal derangements of knee
M23.9 Internal derangement of knee, unspecified
M24 Other specific joint derangements
M24.0 Loose body in joint
M24.1 Other articular cartilage disorders
M24.2 Disorder of ligament
M24.3 Pathological dislocation and subluxation of joint, not elsewhere classified
M24.4 Recurrent dislocation and subluxation of joint
M24.5 Contracture of joint
M24.6 Ankylosis of joint
M24.7 Protrusio acetabuli
M24.8 Other specific joint derangements, not elsewhere classified
M24.9 Joint derangement, unspecified
M25 Other joint disorders, not elsewhere classified
M25.0 Haemarthrosis
M25.1 Fistula of joint
M25.2 Flail joint
M25.3 Other instability of joint
M25.4 Effusion of joint
M25.5 Pain in joint
M25.6 Stiffness of joint, not elsewhere classified
M25.7 Osteophyte
M25.8 Other specified joint disorders
M25.9 Joint disorder, unspecified
M30 Polyarteritis nodosa and related conditions
M30.0 Polyarteritis nodosa
M30.1 Polyarteritis with lung involvement [Churg-Strauss]
M30.2 Juvenile polyarteritis
M30.3 Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome [Kawasaki]
M30.8 Other conditions related to polyarteritis nodosa
M31 Other necrotizing vasculopathies
M31.0 Hypersensitivity angiitis
M31.1 Thrombotic microangiopathy
M31.2 Lethal midline granuloma
M31.3 Wegener's granulomatosis
M31.4 Aortic arch syndrome [Takayasu]
M31.5 Giant cell arteritis with polymyalgia rheumatica
M31.6 Other giant cell arteritis
M31.7 Microscopic polyangiitis
M31.8 Other specified necrotizing vasculopathies
M31.9 Necrotizing vasculopathy, unspecified
M32 Systemic lupus erythematosus
M32.0 Drug-induced systemic lupus erythematosus
M32.1 Systemic lupus erythematosus with organ or system involvement
M32.8 Other forms of systemic lupus erythematosus
M32.9 Systemic lupus erythematosus, unspecified
M33 Dermatopolymyositis
M33.0 Juvenile dermatomyositis
M33.1 Other dermatomyositis
M33.2 Polymyositis
M33.9 Dermatopolymyositis, unspecified
M34 Systemic sclerosis
M34.0 Progressive systemic sclerosis
M34.1 CR(E)ST syndrome
M34.2 Systemic sclerosis induced by drugs and chemicals
M34.8 Other forms of systemic sclerosis
M34.9 Systemic sclerosis, unspecified
M35 Other systemic involvement of connective tissue
M35.0 Sicca syndrome [Sjögren]
M35.1 Other overlap syndromes
M35.2 Behçet's disease
M35.3 Polymyalgia rheumatica
M35.4 Diffuse (eosinophilic) fasciitis
M35.5 Multifocal fibrosclerosis
M35.6 Relapsing panniculitis [Weber-Christian]
M35.7 Hypermobility syndrome
M35.8 Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue
M35.9 Systemic involvement of connective tissue, unspecified
M36 Systemic disorders of connective tissue in diseases classified elsewhere
M36.0 Dermato(poly)myositis in neoplastic disease (C00-D48+)
M36.1 Arthropathy in neoplastic disease (C00-D48+)
M36.2 Haemophilic arthropathy (D66-D68+)
M36.3 Arthropathy in other blood disorders (D50-D76+)
M36.4 Arthropathy in hypersensitivity reactions classified elsewhere
M36.8 Systemic disorders of connective tissue in other diseases classified elsewhere
M40 Kyphosis and lordosis
M40.0 Postural kyphosis
M40.1 Other secondary kyphosis
M40.2 Other and unspecified kyphosis
M40.3 Flatback syndrome
M40.4 Other lordosis
M40.5 Lordosis, unspecified
M41 Scoliosis
M41.0 Infantile idiopathic scoliosis
M41.1 Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis
M41.2 Other idiopathic scoliosis
M41.3 Thoracogenic scoliosis
M41.4 Neuromuscular scoliosis
M41.5 Other secondary scoliosis
M41.8 Other forms of scoliosis
M41.9 Scoliosis, unspecified
M42 Spinal osteochondrosis
M42.0 Juvenile osteochondrosis of spine
M42.1 Adult osteochondrosis of spine
M42.9 Spinal osteochondrosis, unspecified
M43 Other deforming dorsopathies
M43.0 Spondylolysis
M43.1 Spondylolisthesis
M43.2 Other fusion of spine
M43.3 Recurrent atlantoaxial subluxation with myelopathy
M43.4 Other recurrent atlantoaxial subluxation
M43.5 Other recurrent vertebral subluxation
M43.6 Torticollis
M43.8 Other specified deforming dorsopathies
M43.9 Deforming dorsopathy, unspecified
M45 Ankylosing spondylitis
M46 Other inflammatory spondylopathies
M46.0 Spinal enthesopathy
M46.1 Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere classified
M46.2 Osteomyelitis of vertebra
M46.3 Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic)
M46.4 Discitis, unspecified
M46.5 Other infective spondylopathies
M46.8 Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies
M46.9 Inflammatory spondylopathy, unspecified
M47 Spondylosis
M47.0 Anterior spinal and vertebral artery compression syndromes (G99.2*)
M47.1 Other spondylosis with myelopathy
M47.2 Other spondylosis with radiculopathy
M47.8 Other spondylosis
M47.9 Spondylosis, unspecified
M48 Other spondylopathies
M48.0 Spinal stenosis
M48.1 Ankylosing hyperostosis [Forestier]
M48.2 Kissing spine
M48.3 Traumatic spondylopathy
M48.4 Fatigue fracture of vertebra
M48.5 Collapsed vertebra, not elsewhere classified
M48.8 Other specified spondylopathies
M48.9 Spondylopathy, unspecified
M49 Spondylopathies in diseases classified elsewhere
M49.0 Tuberculosis of spine (A18.0+)
M49.1 Brucella spondylitis (A23.-+)
M49.2 Enterobacterial spondylitis (A01-A04+)
M49.3 Spondylopathy in other infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
M49.4 Neuropathic spondylopathy
M49.5 Collapsed vertebra in diseases classified elsewhere
M49.8 Spondylopathy in other diseases classified elsewhere
M50 Cervical disc disorders
M50.0 Cervical disc disorder with myelopathy (G99.2*)
M50.1 Cervical disc disorder with radiculopathy
M50.2 Other cervical disc displacement
M50.3 Other cervical disc degeneration
M50.8 Other cervical disc disorders
M50.9 Cervical disc disorder, unspecified
M51 Other intervertebral disc disorders
M51.0 Lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with myelopathy (G99.2*)
M51.1 Lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with radiculopathy (G55.1*)
M51.2 Other specified intervertebral disc displacement
M51.3 Other specified intervertebral disc degeneration
M51.4 Schmorl's nodes
M51.8 Other specified intervertebral disc disorders
M51.9 Intervertebral disc disorder, unspecified
M53 Other dorsopathies, not elsewhere classified
M53.0 Cervicocranial syndrome
M53.1 Cervicobrachial syndrome
M53.2 Spinal instabilities
M53.3 Sacrococcygeal disorders, not elsewhere classified
M53.8 Other specified dorsopathies
M53.9 Dorsopathy, unspecified
M54 Dorsalgia
M54.0 Panniculitis affecting regions of neck and back
M54.1 Radiculopathy
M54.2 Cervicalgia
M54.3 Sciatica
M54.4 Lumbago with sciatica
M54.5 Low back pain
M54.6 Pain in thoracic spine
M54.8 Other dorsalgia
M54.9 Dorsalgia, unspecified
M60 Myositis
M60.0 Infective myositis
M60.1 Interstitial myositis
M60.2 Foreign body granuloma of soft tissue, not elsewhere classified
M60.8 Other myositis
M60.9 Myositis, unspecified
M61 Calcification and ossification of muscle
M61.0 Myositis ossificans traumatica
M61.1 Myositis ossificans progressiva
M61.2 Paralytic calcification and ossification of muscle
M61.3 Calcification and ossification of muscles associated with burns
M61.4 Other calcification of muscle
M61.5 Other ossification of muscle
M61.9 Calcification and ossification of muscle, unspecified
M62 Other disorders of muscle
M62.0 Diastasis of muscle
M62.1 Other rupture of muscle (nontraumatic)
M62.2 Ischaemic infarction of muscle
M62.3 Immobility syndrome (paraplegic)
M62.4 Contracture of muscle
M62.5 Muscle wasting and atrophy, not elsewhere classified
M62.6 Muscle strain
M62.8 Other specified disorders of muscle
M62.9 Disorder of muscle, unspecified
M63 Disorders of muscle in diseases classified elsewhere
M63.0 Myositis in bacterial diseases classified elsewhere
M63.1 Myositis in protozoal and parasitic infections classified elsewhere
M63.2 Myositis in other infectious diseases classified elsewhere
M63.3 Myositis in sarcoidosis (D86.8+)
M63.8 Other disorders of muscle in diseases classified elsewhere
M65 Synovitis and tenosynovitis
M65.0 Abscess of tendon sheath
M65.1 Other infective (teno)synovitis
M65.2 Calcific tendinitis
M65.3 Trigger finger
M65.4 Radial styloid tenosynovitis [de Quervain]
M65.8 Other synovitis and tenosynovitis
M65.9 Synovitis and tenosynovitis, unspecified
M66 Spontaneous rupture of synovium and tendon
M66.0 Rupture of popliteal cyst
M66.1 Rupture of synovium
M66.2 Spontaneous rupture of extensor tendons
M66.3 Spontaneous rupture of flexor tendons
M66.4 Spontaneous rupture of other tendons
M66.5 Spontaneous rupture of unspecified tendon
M67 Other disorders of synovium and tendon
M67.0 Short Achilles tendon (acquired)
M67.1 Other contracture of tendon (sheath)
M67.2 Synovial hypertrophy, not elsewhere classified
M67.3 Transient synovitis
M67.4 Ganglion
M67.8 Other specified disorders of synovium and tendon
M67.9 Disorder of synovium and tendon, unspecified
M68 Disorders of synovium and tendon in diseases classified elsewhere
M68.0 Synovitis and tenosynovitis in bacterial diseases classified elsewhere
M68.8 Other disorders of synovium and tendon in diseases classified elsewhere
M70 Soft tissue disorders related to use, overuse and pressure
M70.0 Chronic crepitant synovitis of hand and wrist
M70.1 Bursitis of hand
M70.2 Olecranon bursitis
M70.3 Other bursitis of elbow
M70.4 Prepatellar bursitis
M70.5 Other bursitis of knee
M70.6 Trochanteric bursitis
M70.7 Other bursitis of hip
M70.8 Other soft tissue disorders related to use, overuse and pressure
M70.9 Unspecified soft tissue disorder related to use, overuse and pressure
M71 Other bursopathies
M71.0 Abscess of bursa
M71.1 Other infective bursitis
M71.2 Synovial cyst of popliteal space [Baker]
M71.3 Other bursal cyst
M71.4 Calcium deposit in bursa
M71.5 Other bursitis, not elsewhere classified
M71.8 Other specified bursopathies
M71.9 Bursopathy, unspecified
M72 Fibroblastic disorders
M72.0 Palmar fascial fibromatosis [Dupuytren]
M72.1 Knuckle pads
M72.2 Plantar fascial fibromatosis
M72.4 Pseudosarcomatous fibromatosis
M72.6 Necrotizing fasciitis
M72.8 Other fibroblastic disorders
M72.9 Fibroblastic disorder, unspecified
M73 Soft tissue disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
M73.0 Gonococcal bursitis (A54.4+)
M73.1 Syphilitic bursitis (A52.7+)
M73.8 Other soft tissue disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
M75 Shoulder lesions
M75.0 Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder
M75.1 Rotator cuff syndrome
M75.2 Bicipital tendinitis
M75.3 Calcific tendinitis of shoulder
M75.4 Impingement syndrome of shoulder
M75.5 Bursitis of shoulder
M75.8 Other shoulder lesions
M75.9 Shoulder lesion, unspecified
M76 Enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
M76.0 Gluteal tendinitis
M76.1 Psoas tendinitis
M76.2 Iliac crest spur
M76.3 Iliotibial band syndrome
M76.4 Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda]
M76.5 Patellar tendinitis
M76.6 Achilles tendinitis
M76.7 Peroneal tendinitis
M76.8 Other enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
M76.9 Enthesopathy of lower limb, unspecified
M77 Other enthesopathies
M77.1 Lateral epicondylitis
M77.2 Periarthritis of wrist
M77.3 Calcaneal spur
M77.4 Metatarsalgia
M77.5 Other enthesopathy of foot
M77.8 Other enthesopathies, not elsewhere classified
M77.9 Enthesopathy, unspecified
M79 Other soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified
M79.0 Rheumatism, unspecified
M79.1 Myalgia
M79.2 Neuralgia and neuritis, unspecified
M79.3 Panniculitis, unspecified
M79.4 Hypertrophy of (infrapatellar) fat pad
M79.5 Residual foreign body in soft tissue
M79.6 Pain in limb
M79.7 Fibromyalgia
M79.8 Other specified soft tissue disorders
M79.9 Soft tissue disorder, unspecified
M80 Osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.0 Postmenopausal osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.1 Postoophorectomy osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.2 Osteoporosis of disuse with pathological fracture
M80.3 Postsurgical malabsorption osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.4 Drug-induced osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.5 Idiopathic osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.8 Other osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M80.9 Unspecified osteoporosis with pathological fracture
M81 Osteoporosis without pathological fracture
M81.0 Postmenopausal osteoporosis
M81.1 Postoophorectomy osteoporosis
M81.2 Osteoporosis of disuse
M81.3 Postsurgical malabsorption osteoporosis
M81.4 Drug-induced osteoporosis
M81.5 Idiopathic osteoporosis
M81.6 Localized osteoporosis [Lequesne]
M81.8 Other osteoporosis
M81.9 Osteoporosis, unspecified
M8110/0 Pilomatrixoma
M82 Osteoporosis in diseases classified elsewhere
M82.0 Osteoporosis in multiple myelomatosis (C90.0+)
M82.1 Osteoporosis in endocrine disorders (E00-E34+)
M82.8 Osteoporosis in other diseases classified elsewhere
M83 Adult osteomalacia
M83.0 Puerperal osteomalacia
M83.1 Senile osteomalacia
M83.2 Adult osteomalacia due to malabsorption
M83.3 Adult osteomalacia due to malnutrition
M83.4 Aluminium bone disease
M83.5 Other drug-induced osteomalacia in adults
M83.8 Other adult osteomalacia
M83.9 Adult osteomalacia, unspecified
M84 Disorders of continuity of bone
M84.0 Malunion of fracture
M84.1 Nonunion of fracture [pseudarthrosis]
M84.2 Delayed union of fracture
M84.3 Stress fracture, not elsewhere classified
M84.4 Pathological fracture, not elsewhere classified
M84.8 Other disorders of continuity of bone
M84.9 Disorder of continuity of bone, unspecified
M85 Other disorders of bone density and structure
M85.0 Fibrous dysplasia (monostotic)
M85.1 Skeletal fluorosis
M85.2 Hyperostosis of skull
M85.3 Osteitis condensans
M85.4 Solitary bone cyst
M85.5 Aneurysmal bone cyst
M85.6 Other cyst of bone
M85.8 Other specified disorders of bone density and structure
M85.9 Disorder of bone density and structure, unspecified
M86 Osteomyelitis
M86.0 Acute haematogenous osteomyelitis
M86.1 Other acute osteomyelitis
M86.2 Subacute osteomyelitis
M86.3 Chronic multifocal osteomyelitis
M86.4 Chronic osteomyelitis with draining sinus
M86.5 Other chronic haematogenous osteomyelitis
M86.6 Other chronic osteomyelitis
M86.8 Other osteomyelitis
M86.9 Osteomyelitis, unspecified
M87 Osteonecrosis
M87.0 Idiopathic aseptic necrosis of bone
M87.1 Osteonecrosis due to drugs
M87.2 Osteonecrosis due to previous trauma
M87.3 Other secondary osteonecrosis
M87.8 Other osteonecrosis
M87.9 Osteonecrosis, unspecified
M88 Paget's disease of bone [osteitis deformans]
M88.0 Paget's disease of skull
M88.8 Paget's disease of other bones
M88.9 Paget's disease of bone, unspecified
M8800/0 Soft tissue tumour, benign
M8810/0 Fibroma NOS
M8810/3 Mslignant teratoma
M8850/0 Lipoma NOS
M8851/0 Fibrolipoma
M8852/0 Fibromyxolipoma
M8854/0 Pleomorphic lipoma
M8856/0 Intramuscular lipoma
M8857/0 Spindle cell lipoma
M8860/0 Angiomyolipoma
M8861/0 Angiolipoma NOS
M8870/0 Myelolipoma
M8880/0 Hibernoma
M8881/0 Lipoblastomatosis
M89 Other disorders of bone
M89.0 Algoneurodystrophy
M89.1 Epiphyseal arrest
M89.2 Other disorders of bone development and growth
M89.3 Hypertrophy of bone
M89.4 Other hypertrophic osteoarthropathy
M89.5 Osteolysis
M89.6 Osteopathy after poliomyelitis
M89.8 Other specified disorders of bone
M89.9 Disorder of bone, unspecified
M8900/3 Rhabdomyosarcoma NOS
M8901/3 Pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma
M8902/3 Mixed type rhabdomyosarcoma
M8910/3 Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma
M8920/3 Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
M8960/3 Nephroblastoma NOS (C64)
M8964/3 Clear cell sarcoma of kidney (C64)
M8970/3 Hepatoblastoma
M90 Osteopathies in diseases classified elsewhere
M90.0 Tuberculosis of bone (A18.0+)
M90.1 Periostitis in other infectious diseases classified elsewhere
M90.2 Osteopathy in other infectious diseases classified elsewhere
M90.3 Osteonecrosis in caisson disease (T70.3+)
M90.4 Osteonecrosis due to haemoglobinopathy (D50-D64+)
M90.5 Osteonecrosis in other diseases classified elsewhere
M90.6 Osteitis deformans in neoplastic disease (C00-D48+)
M90.7 Fracture of bone in neoplastic disease (C00-D48+)
M90.8 Osteopathy in other diseases classified elsewhere
M9010/0 Fibroadenoma NOS (D24)
M9044/3 Clear cell sarcoma (except of kidney M8964/3)
M9064/3 Germinoma
M9071/3 Endodermal sinus tumor
M9080/0 Teratoma, benign
M9080/1 Teratoma NOS
M9080/3 Teratoma, malignant NOS
M9081/3 Teratocarcinoma
M9082/3 Malignant teratoma, undifferentiated
M9083/3 Malignant teratoma, intermediate
M9084/0 Dermoid Cyst NOS
M9084/3 Teratoma with malignant transformation
M9085/3 Mixed germ cell tumor
M91 Juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis
M91.0 Juvenile osteochondrosis of pelvis
M91.1 Juvenile osteochondrosis of head of femur [Legg-Calvé-Perthes]
M91.2 Coxa plana
M91.3 Pseudocoxalgia
M91.8 Other juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis
M91.9 Juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis, unspecified
M9101/3 Choriocarcinoma combined with other germ cell elements
M9102/3 Malignant teratoma, trophoblastic (C62.-)
M9161/1 Hemangioblastoma
M9180/3 Osteosarcoma NOS (C40.-, C41.-)
M9181/3 Chondroblastic osteosarcoma (C40.-, C41.-)
M9182/3 Fibroblastic osteosarcoma (C40.-, C41.-)
M9183/3 Telangiectatic osteosarcoma (C40.-, C41.-)
M9184/3 Osteosarcoma in Paget's disease of bone (C40.-, C41.-)
M9185/3 Small Cell Osteosarcoma
M9190/3 Juxtacortical osteosarcoma (C40.-, C41.-)
M92 Other juvenile osteochondrosis
M92.0 Juvenile osteochondrosis of humerus
M92.1 Juvenile osteochondrosis of radius and ulna
M92.2 Juvenile osteochondrosis of hand
M92.3 Other juvenile osteochondrosis of upper limb
M92.4 Juvenile osteochondrosis of patella
M92.5 Juvenile osteochondrosis of tibia and fibula
M92.6 Juvenile osteochondrosis of tarsus
M92.7 Juvenile osteochondrosis of metatarsus
M92.8 Other specified juvenile osteochondrosis
M92.9 Juvenile osteochondrosis, unspecified
M9210/0 Osteochondroma (D16.-)
M9260/3 Ewing's sarcoma
M93 Other osteochondropathies
M93.0 Slipped upper femoral epiphysis (nontraumatic)
M93.1 Kienböck's disease of adults
M93.2 Osteochondritis dissecans
M93.8 Other specified osteochondropathies
M93.9 Osteochondropathy, unspecified
M9310/0 Ameloblastoma NOS
M9310/3 Ameloblastoma, malignant (C40.-, C41.-)
M9350/1 Craniopharyngioma
M9370/3 Chordoma
M9383/1 Subependymal glioma
M9391/3 ependymoma
M9392/3 Ependymoblastoma
M94 Other disorders of cartilage
M94.0 Chondrocostal junction syndrome [Tietze]
M94.1 Relapsing polychondritis
M94.2 Chondromalacia
M94.3 Chondrolysis
M94.8 Other specified disorders of cartilage
M94.9 Disorder of cartilage, unspecified
M9400/3 Astrocytoma NOS
M9421/3 Pilocytic astrocytoma (C71.-)
M9470/3 Medulloblastoma
M95 Other acquired deformities of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
M95.0 Acquired deformity of nose
M95.2 Other acquired deformity of head
M95.4 Acquired deformity of chest and rib
M95.5 Acquired deformity of pelvis
M95.8 Other specified acquired deformities of musculoskeletal system
M95.9 Acquired deformity of musculoskeletal system, unspecified
M9500/3 Neuroblastoma NOS
M9510/3 Retinoblastoma NOS
M9511/3 Retinoblastoma, differentiated (C69.2)
M9512/3 Retinoblastoma, undifferentiated (C69.2)
M9522/3 Esthesioneuroblastoma (C30.0)
M9530/0 Meningioma
M9540/0 Neurofibroma/NOS
M96.0 Pseudarthrosis after fusion or arthrodesis
M96.1 Postlaminectomy syndrome, not elsewhere classified
M96.4 Postsurgical lordosis
M96.9 Postprocedural musculoskeletal disorder, unspecified
M9800/3 Leukaemia NOS
M9801/3 Acute leukaemia NOS
M9802/3 Subacute leukaemia NOS
M9803/3 Chronic leukaemia NOS
M9804/3 Aleukaemic leukaemia NOS
M9820/3 Lymphoid leukaemia NOS
M9821/3 Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia NOS
M9822/3 Subacute lymphoid leukaemia
M9823/3 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
M9824/3 Aleukaemic lymphoid leukaemia
M9825/3 Prolymphocytic leukaemia
M9826/3 Burkitt's cell leukaemia
M9827/3 Adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma
M9830/3 Plasma cell leukaemia
M9850/3 Lymphosarcoma cell leukaemia
M9860/3 Myeloid leukaemia NOS
M9861/3 Acute myeloid leukaemia
M9862/3 Subacute myeloid leukaemia
M9863/3 Chronic myeloid leukaemia
M9864/3 Aleukaemic myeloid leukaemia
M9866/3 Acute promyelocytic leukaemia
M9867/3 Acute myelomonocytic leukaemia
M9868/3 Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia
M9870/3 Basophilic leukaemia
M9880/3 Eosinophilic leukaemia
M9890/3 Monocytic leukaemia NOS
M9891/3 Acute monocytic leukaemia
M9892/3 Subacute monocytic leukaemia
M9893/3 Chronic monocytic leukaemia
M9894/3 Aleukaemic monocytic leukaemia
M99 Biomechanical lesions, not elsewhere classified
M99.0 Segmental and somatic dysfunction
M99.1 Subluxation complex (vertebral)
M99.2 Subluxation stenosis of neural canal
M99.3 Osseous stenosis of neural canal
M99.4 Connective tissue stenosis of neural canal
M99.5 Intervertebral disc stenosis of neural canal
M99.6 Osseous and subluxation stenosis of intervertebral foramina
M99.7 Connective tissue and disc stenosis of intervertebral foramina
M99.8 Other biomechanical lesions
M99.9 Biomechanical lesion, unspecified
M9900/3 Mast cell leukaemia
M9910/3 Acute megakaryoblastic leukaemia
M9940/3 Hairy cell leukaemia
M9970/1 Lymphoproliferative disease NOS

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