Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Dec 09, 2022

out of 5091957 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
J04.2 Acute laryngotracheitis 2562
A08.0 Rotaviral enteritis 2562
P60 Disseminated intravascular coagulation of fetus and newborn 2558
B86 Scabies 2518
L20.9 Atopic dermatitis, unspecified 2499
K29.0 Acute haemorrhagic gastritis 2474
E40 Kwashiorkor 2449
Q89.7 Multiple congenital malformations, not elsewhere classified 2434
I88.0 Nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis 2386
R50.9 Fever, unspecified 2379
N00.8 Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis 2377
D75.9 Disease of blood and blood-forming organs, unspecified 2350
E66.9 Obesity, unspecified 2326
P00.0 Fetus and newborn affected by maternal hypertensive disorders 2316
P00.9 Fetus and newborn affected by unspecified maternal condition 2313
B08.8 Other specified viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesions 2308
A27.9 Leptospirosis, unspecified 2305
C71.9 Brain, unspecified 2297
A16.1 Tuberculosis of lung, bacteriological and histological examination not done 2282
L02.8 Cutaneous abscess, furuncle and carbuncle of other sites 2277
J05.0 Acute obstructive laryngitis [croup] 2277
Z38.2 Singleton, unspecified as to place of birth 2276
Q21 Congenital malformations of cardiac septa 2257
B34.8 Other viral infections of unspecified site 2254
E10 Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 2232
Q05.9 Spina bifida, unspecified 2224
B96.2 Escherichia coli [E. coli] as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 2181
H10.9 Conjunctivitis, unspecified 2175
J40 Bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic 2162
J15.3 Pneumonia due to streptococcus, group B 2160
G93.1 Anoxic brain damage, not elsewhere classified 2158
D56.0 Alpha thalassaemia 2157
A41.5 Septicaemia due to other Gram-negative organisms 2154
G80.0 Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy 2153
J01 Acute sinusitis 2152
J01.0 Acute maxillary sinusitis 2151
K12.2 Cellulitis and abscess of mouth 2144
I67.4 Hypertensive encephalopathy 2116
A15.7 Primary respiratory tuberculosis, confirmed bacteriologically and histologically 2116
C95.0 Acute leukaemia of unspecified cell type 2112
B01 Varicella [chickenpox] 2090
C22.2 Hepatoblastoma 2079
M32 Systemic lupus erythematosus 2057
J36 Peritonsillar abscess 2042
B77 Ascariasis 2034
A15 Respiratory tuberculosis, bacteriologically and histologically confirmed 2034
B95.3 Streptococcus pneumoniae as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 2032
G93.4 Encephalopathy, unspecified 2030
R62.8 Other lack of expected normal physiological development 2024
L21.9 Seborrhoeic dermatitis, unspecified 1984