Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Feb 27, 2024

out of 5403006 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
B30.0+ Keratoconjunctivitis due to adenovirus (H19.2*) 0
B26.3+ Mumps pancreatitis (K87.1*) 0
B26.2+ Mumps encephalitis (G05.1*) 0
B26.1+ Mumps meningitis (G02.0*) 0
B25.2+ Cytomegaloviral pancreatitis (K87.1*) 0
B25.2 Cytomegaloviral pancreatitis (K87.1*) 0
B25.0+ Cytomegaloviral pneumonitis (J17.1*) 0
B23.8 HIV disease resulting in other specified conditions 0
B22.7 HIV disease resulting in multiple diseases classified elsewhere 0
B22.2 HIV disease resulting in wasting syndrome 0
B22.1 HIV disease resulting in lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis 0
B21.8 HIV disease resulting in other malignant neoplasms 0
B21.3 HIV disease resulting in other malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue 0
B21.0 HIV disease resulting in Kaposi's sarcoma 0
B20.5 HIV disease resulting in other mycoses 0
B06.0+ Rubella with neurological complications 0
B05.3+ Measles complicated by otitis media (H67.1*) 0
B02.1+ Zoster meningitis (G02.0*) 0
B02.1 Zoster meningitis (G02.0*) 0
B02.0+ Zoster encephalitis (G05.1*) 0
B01.1+ Varicella encephalitis (G05.1*) 0
B00.3+ Herpesviral meningitis (G02.0*) 0
A98.3 Marburg virus disease 0
A96.8 Other arenaviral haemorrhagic fevers 0
A96.2 Lassa fever 0
A95.9 Yellow fever, unspecified 0
A95.1 Urban yellow fever 0
A87.1+ Adenoviral meningitis (G02.0*) 0
A85.1+ Adenoviral encephalitis (G05.1*) 0
A85.0+ Enteroviral encephalitis (G05.1*) 0
A84.9 Tick-borne viral encephalitis, unspecified 0
A84.8 Other tick-borne viral encephalitis 0
A84.1 Central European tick-borne encephalitis 0
A83.6 Rocio virus disease 0
A83.4 Australian encephalitis 0
A83.2 Eastern equine encephalitis 0
A80.2 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis, wild virus, indigenous 0
A79.0 Trench fever 0
A79 Other rickettsioses 0
A77.8 Other spotted fevers 0
A77.3 Spotted fever due to Rickettsia australis 0
A77.1 Spotted fever due to Rickettsia conorii 0
A77.0 Spotted fever due to Rickettsia rickettsii 0
A77 Spotted fever [tick-borne rickettsioses] 0
A75.3 Typhus fever due to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi 0
A74.8 Other chlamydial diseases 0
A74.0+ Chlamydial conjunctivitis (H13.1*) 0
A69.2 Lyme disease 0
A68.1 Tick-borne relapsing fever 0
A68.0 Louse-borne relapsing fever 0